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the playbill

"The Hue of Shadow"

Bayou Cirque & Friends (Hoola Hoops)

Jean Leigh Academy of Dance

-Choreography by Chandler Louque

"Cerulean Pools"

Bayou Cirque & Friends (Tumbling)

Main Street Dance

-Choreography by Beth Fagan


Bayou Cirque (Aerial Cube)

Center Stage Performing Arts Academy

-Choreography by Meghann King


Above Ground Aerial (Aerial Silks)

Artivism Dance Theatre

-Choreography by Sophia Rabinovitz


Bayou Ciruqe (Fire Spinning)

Liquid Rhythm Inc.

Tyvon Pina (Baritone Saxophone)

-Choreography by Derik and Mariangel Dollis

"Street Performer"

Crescent Circus (Juggling)

Of Moving Colors

Matthew Blaize (Violin Soloist)

-Choreography by Garland Wilson


Bayou Cirque & Friends (Acrobatics)

For The Love Of Dance

-Choreography by Shamira Cummings-Arita

"Out Of Nowhere"

Bayou Cirque (Trapeze)

ALL Performers

-Choreography by Justin Rayna

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