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Why Enlist?

A New Adventure

Over the next eight days you will become a member of the Vanguard for Contemporary Instrumental Music who will help usher in a new era of music with substance, music that has depth without self-pity, excitement without hype, and truth without simplicity. It's time to bring more music like this out into the open, out from behind the shadows of pop stars, and out from under the skepticism and scrutiny of academics.

Tools of the Trade

As a forerunner, you're going to need some tools, and I'm GIVING them to you! Each day, I will deliver, directly to your inbox, one of eight reinvented songs from my latest, dare I say debut, album "INTENSIFY" from an ongoing project call PROLIFIC - Justin Rayna: Unmasked. Along with each song, you'll get to hear insider stories about how each song came to be as I peel back the masks and bare my soul to the world.

Special Ops

Not only will you get the entire "INTENSIFY" album for FREE delivered right to you, but you'll also receive additional music and videos that surround each story, creation, and situation from which each song sprang, as well as exclusive private screenings of what's to come on the future albums of PROLIFIC.

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