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Justin caters to dance concerts, circus shows, and musical plays. His theatrical composition deepens the emotional connection with the audience and draws them in as if they were on stage. His easy going personality and 20+ years of experience in composing and audio engineering allow him to truly listen and understand your goals while having the perspective and knowledge of how to make it come to fruition.

A Matter Of Time (Legend City)
It's (Never) Just Ice Cream (Legend City)
Give It A Go (Legend City)
If They Could See Me (Exposed)
Criminal (Exposed)
Insides Out (Exposed)
A Different Hue (Exposed)

Justin’s compositional specialties are offered to a variety of ensembles, including: Marching Band (especially Drum Line), Concert Band, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, and other Chamber Ensembles. Need to change or tweak your ensemble music? With Justin’s music, you can be confident that your next event will be an engaging one.

Soliloquy (Orchestra)
Songo (Jazz Band)
Flagstaff Swing (Swing Band)
Rayn Dance (Marching Percussion)
Just In Time (Percussion Ensemble)

Justin works with TV and filmmakers, too! He closely aligns each creator's vision withe the scores that he crafts for them, making sure that each note, rhythm, and melody supports the intentions of the visual, creating a complete experience for the viewers.

Through the Brush (Segments of an Un-Thought Up Cinema)
Subtle Steps (Segments of an Un-Thought Up Cinema)
Medieval Fields (INTENSIFY War Video)
With You (Exposed)
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