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I'm really glad you decided to come take advantage of the carnival. It's important for us to interact with the rest of the world and never forget where we came from or why we do this. It's for the people.


Today's song, "Carousel", was originally written in 2003 on a project that, back then, I was calling Illuminating the Carousel. (Click the link to hear the entire original unreleased album in all of its... ehem... 'glory' while you rest and relax.) ​It was a collection of 'New Age' music evoked by the works of many of the artists on the Narada label at a time in my life when I was searching, searching for meaning, searching for stability, searching for a future, a future that I could run to in order to escape my then current "bad" situation. Now, fifteen years later, I've found at least 2 out of three of those things - since the future is always approaching and never attained at present - and in that, I realize I would NOT be where I am or who I am today had it not been for my past situations. Rather it was those exact "bad" situations that drove me to heartfelt creativity so often that it actually created a good habit of, and desire to, exercise my musical abilities. I don't take that lightly. Many of my friends chose to forget their musical (or other) abilities to pursue security alone and imprisoned themselves in the cyclical nature of the 9 - 5, completely abandoned a gift they had been given, and are now miserable in their lives just going around the clock, day after day... around and around. Let today's song be a tribute to them, more over a kind of Reveille, that they would wake up, and when the song is over, they would stop going around and 'round, get off the carousel and go a new direction, the one they deeply desired as a child.

What childhood dream might you have abandoned? Or what "bad" situation from your past molded you into who you are today in a positive way? Email me and share your story.

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