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street performer

Sometimes staying put just isn't an option. Glad you took the promotion!


Today's song used to be called Fennel. That flowering herb carrot plant thing? Yea, that. But no, I think I inadvertently named it after another girl, Shannon Fennel, I met one summer at camp when I was like 14. Something about those bad-ass names... especially on girls.


Anyway, part of my life's reinvention was to rid myself of past infatuations, but I didn't want to completely throw out the music, just refocus it. So I tore off some titles and modified some arrangements. Good as new! So what do I call it now? That's a question I sometimes find myself faced with, especially in the absence of lyrics to help guide me towards a title. Usually, with the help of a few friends, a title emerges. I can't take credit for today's title. It was thought of by my friend and acro partner Nicole Fearnbach who envisioned a circus-esque busker pouring his heart into a performance on the sidewalk of a busy intersection.

How do your friends have your back? Or in what ways have you tried to reinvent yourself? Email me and share your story!

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