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Full HD video downloads of the live INTENSIFY concert from July 28, 2018 in Baton Rouge, LA.


An intense multi-dimensional, multi-media concert spectacular featuring live orchestra, multiple dance troupes, tumbling, acrobatics, circus arts and an incredible story arch portrayed through a live on-stage role playing game!


The best performers in multiple disciplines in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas will come together for one day only to deliver this powerful and passionate show about how new Recruit Travis Emory, under the direction of Lieutenant Kelly Altamish, journeyed from being a Private in the imaginary music military arm VCIM (the Vanguard for Contemporary Instrumental Music) to becoming a Lieutenant himself.


Depicted by striking dancers from:


Jean Leigh

Main Street Dance

Center Stage Performing Arts Academy

Artivism Dance Co.

Liquid Rhythm Inc.

Of Moving Colors

And more!


INTENSIFY is augmented by remarkable circus artists from Bayou Cirque and Above Ground Aerial as well as other local artists who will show off their impressive skills in tumbling, juggling, acrobatics, aerial silks, and more, even fire spinning!


The story delivers everything from the anxiety of starting something new to the whimsy of life to the deeper motivators that call up the hero within. And it’s all set to the music of Justin Rayna’s new album, INTENSIFY.  


Chock-full of dark, orchestral, high-energy instrumental rock music in odd meters and mostly minor keys, INTENSIFY is a fusion of contemporary, classical, and jazz in a way you’ve never heard before, presented in a way you’ve never seen before.


This family friendly show has something for everyone, for all ages, and from all walks of life.


And the pre-show will feature even more of Baton Rouge’s best, as local singer/song writers, dancers, bands, and theater groups give you everything they’ve got from the bottom of their hearts!

Get ready to INTENSIFY your life!

Justin Rayna's INTENSIFY Concert (Digital VIDEO Download)

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