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out of nowhere

The Pershing's Own is playing your song! You're a true action hero in the life of contemporary instrumental music!


2007 was the first year I got professionally paid to be a performing acrobat (at Hershey Park, PA). While in cast housing, I wrote "Out Of Nowhere" as part of an action scene in my head. If you haven't caught on by now, I tend to write music with the intent of being seen as much as heard. Some of the most "seen" music in the world is film score. To that effect, I've always admired the work of Alan Silvestri, especially when I realized that he wrote the score for both Forest Gump and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life! I know, right. I thought the same thing. 'The same guy wrote both of those?!' Now, I'm not trying to bash John Williams, I mean, he wrote Star Wars for goodness sake, but when it's a Williams score, you can tell it's a Williams score. Silvestri? Well, I simply admire his true pliability in crafting music.

So, back to the song: it was the sound of an action scene inspired by the work Silvestri did on Tomb Raider. HERE is the original version. (Feel free to email me directly and tell me what other influences you hear.) In order to apply my knowledge and experience to the score and its arrangement for the PROLIFIC project, I decided to cut some parts, change up a few things. I think you'll appreciate the changes.

In whatever craft you pursue, who are your influences? Email me and tell me who you look up to!

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